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A plataforma de recrutamento sem viés inconsciente

Contrate sem preconceitos

Candidatos usam a própria voz para contar suas experiências.

Mais rápido
Menor investimento


logo timbre
The word timbre is inspired by music theory, where sounds sound different despite the same frequency.
It is this concept that makes us differentiate the sound of a guitar from that of a piano, playing the same note.

Each one with their color, their name, their gender, their choice, their voice.
Our timbres represents who we are, and we value everyone.
Welcome to the platform that gives voice to your essence. Timbre is a social impact company that drives inclusion in the corporate world. 



We are a professional platform that highlights diversity markers, and matches technical and behavioral skills with vacancies available in the Brazilian market. Through our methodology, where users highlight their skills via audio, we help eliminate unconscious biases during the recruitment and selection process, giving voice to what matters most.


Our network connects different companies and professionals, optimizing search time and costs in the hiring process.



Timbre operates in the first stages of this journey, reducing the number of interactions and partners that a company needs to deal with in recruiting a diverse profile





​pre-selection interview

​technical evaluation

​decisional interview

​data conference

communication of the chosen one

Being in a single environment also contributes to reducing recruitment time and costs


Foto da Fundadora Renata

Renata Veríssimo 

Founder and CEO

Photo of Founder Lucas

Lucas Petrin 

Founder and CPO

Foto da Cofundadora Yara

Yara Fotunatti

Co-founder and CLO

Photo by Cofounder Marco

Marco Santos 

Co-founder and CTO


Months of life



Accelerated by:
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logo vibra


We are accompanied by people who believe in Timbre.
Foto da conselheira 1 da Timbre: Viviane

Viviane Elias

Certified in the IBGC Council Diversity Program, WCD (Women Corporate Directors) associate, Alumni of Grupo Conselheiras 101, in addition to working in working groups focused on gender and racial diversity recognized in Brazil and abroad, with a focus on diversity gender and racial equity

How to register with Timbre


Registration page

To get started, simply click the button below. The registration page will open in a new tab in your browser


Access code

Enter your email and click request code.

A 6-digit code will arrive in your email. Don't forget to check your spam and junk mail boxes.

imagem de exemplo para instruir o cadastro


personal data

Here you begin your registration. Note that you will go through 5 steps until completion.


In the first step you will fill in your personal data and self-declaration, which are extremely important for companies seeking to promote inclusion.

imagem de exemplo para instruir o cadastro


Technical and behavioral skills

The Behavioral and Technical Skills sessions will map your profile for future matching of companies, management, vacancies, etc.

Don't forget to indicate in each Technical Skill the level you are in them, using the stars (1 to 5).

imagem de exemplo para instruir o cadastro



We believe that the voice/writing says a lot about us, more than an image.
So in this fa
If, we want to hear what you have to say.

Try to record in a quiet space, speak clearly, follow the instructions on the subject of this audio and be yourself :)

Now isjust Click on Finish and you will now be able to see the open positions to apply!

imagem de exemplo para instruir o cadastro


Timbre wants an environment where people are found based on their skills, not their image. Register with Timbre and track affirmative vacancies in a diverse process without unconscious bias.  


We are a Social Impact startup and we want to boost Diversity in the corporate world
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