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The Timbre methodology uses Voice of candidates and A.I. trained to reduce bias in hiring. Our solution helps companies reduce the time spent mapping and selecting diverse people. We are a hub of diverse professionals. All professional features in one place.

Ethnic-racial unconscious bias

Preference based on a person's race, color, ancestry, or national or ethnic origin.

Ex: Not considering black/brown, indigenous and immigrant people in the selection process.

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A Timbre não aceita foto de perfil.

Unconscious appearance bias

Judgment and/or reinforcement of physical aspects, that is, beauty standards imposed by society

We do not reuse your data from other platforms. We only know what you tell us.

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Unconscious gender bias

Unequal treatment between men and women due to social conceptions, such as: assuming that certain jobs are more suitable for one gender and not another.

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Candidate data will only be available in the case of affirmative vacancies.

Name preference bias

Tendency to prefer certain names over others, disregarding the candidate's qualifications. It is most commonly found in the early stages of recruitment.

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We hide candidates' names until the interview stage.

Unconscious age bias

Discrimination based on age, being more common in relation to older people.

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Candidate data will only be available in the case of affirmative vacancies.

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only what is necessary

Judging appearances is not our thing, so here the candidate does not need to provide some things, especially a photo.

Recruiters will only have access to what they request, according to the vacancy entered on the platform. This way, your company will regulate the desired level of discretion.



At Timbre, all candidates will have their behavioral and technical analysis mapped. An individual skills map is what will help the recruiter when selecting for interviews.



Oaudio says a lot about a person, it can indicate long-winded or direct behavior, anxiety levels, language addictions and even skills in another language.  The Recruiter will receive the audios of each candidate with their transcripts for analysis.


reverberates Timbre. 

Space dedicated to discussions about employability, inclusion, equity and diversity in society. A place to speak for those who are bothered by the lack of plural teams in the corporate environment. O Reverb Timbre is for companies or professionals who want to change thestatus quo of employability



Unit vacancy

  • Shortlistwith 5 adhering candidates

  • Behavioral analysis

  • Announcement of the vacancy in Timbre + LinkedIn

  • Textual sentiment analysis

  • Search active on Timbre base

  • Automated behavioral and technical matching

90% first salary conversion rateo + benefits


Recorrência Mensal

Até 20 off neste plano

For companies starting the diversity journey

  • Behavioral analysis

  • Advertising the vacancy on Timbre + LinkedIn

  • Textual sentiment analysis

* Possibility of extra increment

05 simultaneous vacancies / Month

R$ 4500.00


1, 3 ou 5*

* For more than 25 vacancies, prices upon request

Complement your plan with features that save your HR time



  • Active search in the Timbre database

  • Behavioral Match + Automated Technician

  • Reverb Timbre

* Check prices with us when closing your plan

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Register your company and participate in HUB Timbre de Diversidade, where affirmative vacancies receive candidates with behavioral and technical matches.

Thank you, we will be in touch soon :)

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